Sunday, December 23, 2012

Moose Monster

Santa's sleigh was attached by monsters while delivering presents to the Ice Gorge. During the incident, Santa was seriously injured. One of Santa's best helpers, Moose Monster was called upon to visit the principal of Fantasy Hero Institute for help. Monster Moose was given a strong super tonic by the principal and asked to lead all the students in a rescue mission to recover the missing presents.

Mushroom Man

   What started out as just another mushroom in the Fantasy Hero Institute garden has now become a massive mushroom thanks to the tender care of one of the groundskeepers.  Thanks to the magic of an unknown prankster, it has now become the formidable "mushroom man".  Resembling neither plant or human, this creation is best described as an "it".   However this "it" has a very unique ability that cannot be found anywhere else. Everything it touches turns into a mushroom!  Under the stress of its unimaginable sadness, it has started to wreak havoc on the Fantasy Hero Institute turning everything in sight into mushrooms. Fortunately the same person responsible for growing it into the massive form was also able to encourage it to use its special skill in a more positive way?  Under the tender coaxing of the groundskeeper, it now volunteers its "protective" services to anyone bold enough to summon them!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ice Gorge

  Christmas is around the corner and the Fantasy Hero Institute is nearly finished with preparations for celebrating the holiday. But all is not well.  News has come not only of Santa's hold up and of the missing presents but also have Santa's severe injury.  A rescue mission is the only option. The presents must be found!

Mutations in the Forrest of Trials

   There's a new rumor circulating at the Fantasy Hero Institute. "There are creatures roaming the Forrest of Trials that have never been seen before! "
   In response, the principal called all of the teachers into an emergency meeting.  Afterwards, he finally decided to send Red-Eye Roy and his students into the Forrest of Trials to investigate further. If the rumors are true, where exactly did those new creatures come from?

Xmas Cliff

   Since Santa Clause was accosted by monsters, seriously injured, and had his presents stolen to boot, responsibility has fallen not he shoulders of the Fantasy Hero Institute dorm manager to temporarily step in and assist. And he's got a mystical trick up his sleeve! The Beat Blaster! Depending on the frequency, this musical pulse blasts away enemies with the force of a meteor shower or immobilizes them in a mucous bubble! Ordinarily the Dorm Manager reserves these "special treatments" for his most ornery pupils, but he's willing to make some exceptions!

Ninja Nina

    Hailing from the village of Nin, Nina achieved black belt status at the early age of 7. Each time she bests her opponent, one can hear her mumble, “Life is so boring without a worthy challenger!”

    Since there is no greater ninja level for her to achieve, she left Nin to pursue a life of piety. Meanwhile, each time she runs into trouble, she finds herself rescued by a mysterious old man.  Later, she learns this old man is in fact the Fantasy Hero Institute. In an expression of eternal gratitude, Nina has agreed to reside at the Fantasy Hero Institute to help protect the students from any perils they may encounter.