Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Parker

    Except for his size and height, Parker was just like other little boys. His short portly shape made him the butt of other kids jokes.  Late one autumn, when pumpkins are at their ripest, Parker found himself sulking in the pumpkin patch after having just bean bullied by his neighbors. 

    He screamed at the nearby pumpkins,
"I'd do anything to be able to scare others, even if it means becoming a pumpkin!"  As it happened, a pumpkin fairy was passing by and overheard him.  "As you wish!"  Before the sentence was even finished, Parker become the spitting image of a scary Halloween pumpkin!  Delighted with his new appearance, Parker began making his rounds scaring the neighborhood boys with is new found identity.  Of course, he also lost all of his friends.  That's how it was, until one day the principle of Fantasy Hero Institute showed up at his front door...

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